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E-Filing: E-filing is a feature in Lagos State High Court Judiciary Information System (JIS). Through the E-filing, we can file a case from anywhere in the world using internet. Users are required to have login credentials in order to file a case online..

The system will calculate Fee associated with a case automatically. The total Court Fee includes Court Fee prescribed in the Court Rules. The total Court Fee is payable online through Credit Card,Debit Card and Smart Card.

Case Registration

Case Registration: The Lagos State High Court JIS provides capability to register a new case by an authorized user. System captures all parties' information related to the case. The JIS generates a case number dynamically based on the case type. Users also have the ability of uploading pre-filled forms and have their information automatically extracted and pre-populated in the system for editing and update.

Online Search

Online Search: System provides a search facility to search the case information like case detail, party details and case status etc.

Case Status and Information

Case Status and Information: The JIS maintains history, track changes and status of events associated with the case. Users and interested parties are able to view case details and statuses through the search tool.


E-Payment: The JIS accepts the case fee electronically. Once case registration is successful, the system calculates case fee automatically using court rules. The system maintains all E-Payment transactions status and history.

Online Reports

Online Reports: The JIS generates reports which includes case management
                report, data management reports, case statistical reports, case against reports,
                case Profile and history reports, Closed case reports in a specific period of time,

Date: 27/06/2019

Lagos Judiciary Holds Special Valedictory Court Session.

Lagos State Judiciary yesterday held a special Valedictory Court Session for th ...View More
Ololade Ige/Adekunbi Bakare
Public Affairs Officers

Date: 13/06/2019

Gov Sanwoolu Swears in New Acting Chief Judge.

Lagos State Governor ...View More
Ololade Ige:/Adekunbi Bakare
Public Affairs Officers

Date: 11/06/2019

Appointment of Honourable Justice Kazeem O. Alogba as the acting Chief Judge of Lagos State.

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